Add 'Overscroll history navigation' flag (to iOS Brave)


Currently, Brave on iOS has very few flags you can toggle. The one I miss the most on iOS is the ‘Overscroll history navigation’ flag. This flag enables/disables swipe right and swipe left gestures to move through the browser history.

I use Brave on iOS for a page (Javascript application) which relies heavily on dragging & dropping elements on a page. This is very difficult when long swipes to left or right immediately set you back to a different point in the browser history.
Chrome on iOS does have this flag, so it seems like iOS does not block/prohibit it in any real way.



Very useful and constructive feedback. Thank you for the ideas and use case information. We are talking about this and plan to add some more advanced flags/controls/toggles like this. Thanks again for reaching out and taking the time to send us your ideas!

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