How can I delete the javascript blacklist/whitelist?

Is there any way to delete the whole blacklist and/or whitelist for javascript? The only way I can see is to delete each and every single entry one after the other. Which would take forever.
I don’t mind editing files or settings as long as it’s not extremely complicated. I just need to know where and how to do it.
Thank you!

Are you referring to sites where scripts were blocked by Shields?

Thank you for your quick reply!

Yes, I mean this list: brave://settings/content/javascript

My problem is that… well, probably that I am a bit paranoid and want to whitelist as few sites as possible. So when I visit a site that I will probably never go to again I usually use the option to allow scripts once. But in many cases this doesn’t work so I have to completely whitelist that site. And in order to satisfy my paranoid mid I usually blacklist that site before I leave it.

For this reason I sometimes like to reset the lists and start from scratch.

Of course… even better would be if the option to allow scripts once would work just as whitelisting the site does. Why doesn’t it?

And/or it would also help if pushing that slide button that whitlists the site back to its original position would just take it off the whitelist and not put it on the blacklist instead.

I DO understand that these are somehow freak problems but still… :wink:

In general I love Brave though. Very nice browser!

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