This is a 'must' have feature for the upcoming Brave Search Engine! *pin this*

Hello. I just wanted to suggest a feature to the upcoming Brave Search Engine that only Google and Bing possess. It is instant answers. Even in DuckDuckGo, there are only default instant answers, there is no custom instant answers for different searches. Here’s how Google does it:

Here’s how Bing does it:

And DuckDuckGo doesn’t do it:

So in my opinion, about at least 75% of people use to do quick searches, and wouldn’t like to have going click clicking on the links to different websites. Please add this feature to Brave Search, it would be very useful as many other Search Engines doesn’t have this feature.

Is this in the wrong category?

I think you’ve posted in the right category.

Edit: When users agree with your idea, they will cast their vote…
…I’m actually posting this more for everyone because I’ve noticed in many feature requests, there are replies in agreement for said request, but very few to none seem to be voting :upside_down_face:

Maybe, because this section is about Brave browser.

As for instant answers, they are sometimes useful, but other times the answer is wrong or used by the search engine to promote a specific website at the expense of others.

Maybe they will add a Brave Search category soon? I think one could post search engine requests in a few places and it would be ok/ seen…

As for this request, I don’t mind either way if there’s this feature or not. I’m like gmacar maybe… I don’t rely on them because the instant answers usually seem like a promotion, favouritism or some narrative on behalf of the company, to me.

@gmacar and @saereV
So I’m just asking, I’ve seen blogs and other stuff of Brave also in instant answers. So do you say that the search engine promotes or favours Brave at the expense of others?

*please don’t take it seriously, I just want to know…

The first thing I wrote in my post is that instant answers are sometimes useful.
That being said, instant answers don’t usually help websites, just because their purpose is to induce the user not to visit the website.
Unfortunately, I even came across fake news or blatantly false information (but I must say Google removed them after I reported them through the “feedback” section).

Hi @Dave_M, I’d never put much thought into featured snippets till about seven years ago when someone I knew was working on improving their website traffic and I learned about SEO tactics. Since then, I’ve viewed FS as a marketing tool first and foremost. It really doesn’t bother me to see them, and I’ll even use them if I’m searching for a quick confirm to something I already know (and depending on the source), or for superficial searches. I can do with or without them, but it’s typically midway toward the end of first results before I’ve stopped scanning and really read :slight_smile:

Edit: A bit more time to reply better…

I’m not too clear on what you mean exactly, but I wanted to elaborate if I missed the mark earlier…

I haven’t seen as a featured snippet when I go looking, but a few times it appears in a snippet for other sites that are reviewing or comparing it to other browsers (like your first pic). I’ve never seen a browser as a featured snippet on a competitor’s engine. In fact, when I went to Bing, I got this, which made me chuckle… twice:

I think it’s normal - and I kind of expect it - if a browser would feature their own search engine. In that pic above, there’s a special banner which is kind of cool, but no featured snippet (I assume because competition), just first result.

That second pic of yours, the FS, was bogus…

…and has been removed at some point; whomever it was had optimised it to be seen in top three results across the Web for a time - I noticed it. (As well, using the Brave namesake helped.)

When I said that I feel like featured snippets are marketing tools first and foremost, I’m looking more at the websites that land that spot making use of it more than the search engine, generally.

I agree - it’s needed.