Request: Unique Keyboard Shortcuts For Shield Settings

I use Brave as my daily browser and I LOVE the ad/script blocking. I run very aggressive shields by default (e.g. many sites have scripts blocked or all cookies blocked – etc.). But these stringent settings can often break the functionality of websites.

This forces me to make a difficult choice: do I loosen restrictions by default (something I’m not comfortable in doing), or do I run stricter settings and constantly loosen restrictions whenever I come across a website that requires cookies or scripts to function?

I would prefer to keep the stricter settings as they protect my privacy and computer integrity. Since Brave vocally encourages user privacy and a safer Internet, I think the best solution towards this goal would be keyboard shortcuts that can change all ad blocker settings on the fly without having to open the menus (for example, something like Alt + Cntrl + Shift + D would toggle the script blocker). I would like to see separate shortcuts for all the settings, including cookies blocked and cross-site cookies blocked. That way, I could keep tougher settings without it being a hassle constantly clicking on the menu with the mouse.

As of now, I face approximately 5 websites a day that require changing the ad settings.

I greatly appreciate everyone’s time and attention in this matter.