Home page setting?

Just a bit confused about what the “Home Page” option in settings actually does. Settings menu, select Home Page shows a toggle labeled ‘On’ and an entry below that says “Open this page” which can be filled out with a string.

This certainly doesn’t change the new tab page in any way. And there doesn’t seem to be a home button. What does this actual do?

Sorry for my ignorance,

@JReis home button (if enabled) will show up in URL bar.

Thanks very much for the reply! Unfortunately, I’m still a bit confused. I have the setting enabled, but don’t see any home button. Screencaps to follow in case I’m missing it or looking in the wrong spot!

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Ah! Thanks for the screenshots @JReis.
I thought it’s on desktop.

Home button is hidden if you have “Bottom toolbar” disabled under Settings > Appearance.

Ah, that makes perfect sense. Thanks again.

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