Hola quiero mi pago de brave crations ahora mismo

hola he recibido un pago de 39.90 bats de mi canal pero no me ha llegado mi pago desde ayer quiero aprovechar mis bats ahora mismo quiero mi dinero ahora mismo y mi pago ya lo estuve esperando desde ayer no me llego esta manaña

You’ll get payments only when the Creators payout starts. Which is 13th of each month. These received BATs will be received in your Uphold account any time after the 13th of March since it’s 22nd February and it was 21st yesterday.
You receive BATs earned / received before the 1st of each month only. Any after the 1st will be received in the next month payout. They’re working on getting instant payouts on board soon

oh thanks you i hope lleguen mis pagos adoro tu navegador pues me salvo la vida en una emergencia tuve que pagar unos medicamentos gracias

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