Brave não paga os BAT (Brave does not pay the BAT)

Tenho usado o brave desde 2021, ,e cadastrei como criador de conteúdo, ativei minha conta na UpHold e mesmo assim a Brave não tem pagado os BAT das Gorjetas, to começando achar que a Brave é uma das quelas empresas que querem te passar a perna. Pois agora nem os BAT da conta vinculada a UpHold estou recebendo

( I’ve been using brave since 2021, and I registered as a content creator, activated my account at UpHold and even so Brave hasn’t paid the BAT of Tips, I’m starting to think that Brave is one of those companies that want to outsmart you .Because now I’m not even receiving the BAT from the account linked to UpHold)

I need to learn more on how Creator things work. I’m wanting to say typically @steeven handles this more, but we can also see if @Mattches or @SaltyBanana might happen across and can provide feedback. Everything does get paid out, but I know you have to make sure everything is verified and all.

I’d suggest you send a DM (direct message) to @steeven advising of your situation and provide also the email associated with your Creator account so they can look into it. (make sure you do it in a DM, as it serves as a ticket for you. Not to mention personal info like email best not to share here publicly)

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