HNS Domains adoption in Brave

Hello Bravers,
Handshake adoption could be a great feature for Brave. Uncensurable, TLD owner’s, etc. Same Brave freedom Spirit and blockchain technology.
Thank you


I agree 100% that this would be an incredible feature to boost adoption of Brave within the quickly growing HNS community and even more widely once Handshake reaches critical mass.


For sure Babel, but i think it’s very important to know the requirements need HNS community to be a feature of Brave. I mean:

  • Minimum number of members in the HNs community
  • Minumum number of HNS domain online, etc
    It could be very interesting to join efforts in that direction.

Ive been following Unstoppable, the ETH naming system, and a few of the other earlier attempts and HNS feels like it actually has legs.

There were already inherent issues with the others. Unstoppable is centralized. ETH naming system was mainly for ETH projects, and the earlier attempts were simply not robust enough, or future-ready.

HNS is the first naming system that appears to address almost every issue ICANN has, and the only issue now becomes:

  1. What if ICANN releases a gTLD in the future that already exists on HNS? In Theory, ICANN can just emulate what HNS is doing and just hand them out in bulk. This would create a long-term decision issue forcing people to choose between ICANN’s release, or the fair blockchain TLD that came before it.

  2. HNS is not centralized (both good and bad). That means something offensive could get made as a gTLD.

I think there will always be issues with a fair, noncentralized community system. As a Libertarian, that believes that humans, when not babied, will always veer towards a better direction, I’m okay with it, because probability-wise, I’m more comfortable with a decentralized governance, than a centralized one that favors only the few. Yes, there will be bad sides to a fair, free system, but the downside of centralized decision-making is far worse for global freedom of information.

My vote is to add HNS support soon, because ICANN is still sleeping on this. I have zero doubts in my mind that as soon as ICANN sees all these small browsers supporting HNS (3 at the time of writing), they will try to counter by releasing gTLDs in bulk to force a hard decision in the community.

The biggest threat to a fair, decentralized DNS is the incumbents forcing hard decisions to kill it before it can take off.

We can counter this, by Brave supporting HNS now, and giving the decentralized DNS a headstart before ICANN has a chance to respond and potentially derail the entire web3 decentralized push.

Speed is of the essence IMO, so Brave being the Blockchain-friendly browser should support the decentralized web future.

I now use Brave almost exclusively because I believe in its decentralized ideals. I believe it is Brave’s responsibility to foster a decentralized DNS as it is the largest blockchain-friendly browser, and it can make or break the system with one simple yes or no decision of support.

I do not feel it is over-dramatization to state that Brave can, with just a simple “yes”, push many website owners to transition to decentralized DNS, and jumpstart the push for web3 to the masses.

Let’s face it, almost everyone that believes in Blockchain uses Brave.


I fully agree and hope too see the feature in near future


Sounds great hns oh yea! thats good stuff


Be courageous, Be Brave! Adopt Handshake(HNS), lets grow together!


Handshake is an important shift from control by centralized incumbents towards a free and decentralized internet.

Please support Dane and HNS resolution so we can build towards a more decentralized internet.

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Brave adopting HNS would be so lovely. Want a way to easily resolve my domains. Have a some cool projects I’m working on that will benefit the web3 community.

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Seems like a natural path for Brave imo.
We will look back at this time as bravers and be proud. So let’s make it happen. Let’s make history.


No-brainer to me. Decentralized domain names!

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When it comes, I hope it does with dane support.

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Dane and HNS would be absolutely huge!

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I agree, adding DANE and HNS would be awesome! I would certainly use it, as I think HNS also has more utility than .eth domains that were recently added. It looks like they are working on it, but I have yet to see any info about adding DANE support, something vital for any non icann domain name (that traditional CAs do not support).

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Unfortunately not, Brave only has 30 million active users Worldwide.

Opera just released they will do it, please follow up, that would be awesome. HNS seems legit imo


I would personally love this feature.

I agree with this! HNS should be adopted

As for gTLD, I believe consumers will vote with their wallets.

A HNS TLD vs ICANN TLD will be broken down by cost. Does the average entrepreneur have $300k-$30M to buy/bid on their preferred TLD to capture the “first mover” traction in their market, or be willing to wait years for their specific gTLD to become available?

I doubt it.

Also, would a consumer rather pay an annual subscription to a third party when they could outright own their domain into perpetuity and without fear of censorship?

Again, these are some of the benefits I see that decentralization fixes in a system that is centralized to tilt towards the interests with the deepest pockets.

If ICANN enters late into a gTLD and that specific TLD is already issued by HNS after the fact, I believe it’ll further create a wedge and lost trust by those that see centralization as roadblocks to stifle innovation.

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I support this idea also and suggesting adding EmerDNS as well (.coin among others)

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