.d domains (dappy) experimental native support

Hey I’m Raph lead dev of dappy project

I’ve been using brave for a while now, and joined the forum recently. Dappy is a new naming, webPKI and resolution technology, domains are scopped under .d TLD. It uses its own permissioned blockchain/DLT with free transactions, and a co-resolution system, it has big focus on security/privacy, many other things are different from other blockchain name systems.

Dappy has no native support in browsers today, but many SDK, and years of research, we think it’s the right time to begin partnerships/discussions with browser companies. There’s big market potential in the cybersecurity / critical SaaS area for the technology like this, because 100% of public web services today have to deal with the flawed web PKI + DNS systems, and either spend a lot in security, or deal with high risks of hacks. There may be an opportunity for brave to stand out. There’s a 3 min video on the website.

Would brave team be interested ? Experimental feature would be the best way to go imo, it’s a risk-free operation. We’re happy to set up a chat anytime. Also in dappy, browsers get a share of the revenues from the name system, instead of being kept at a distance from its economy (Handshake, DNS etc.).

Disclaimer : we’re not adversaries of handshake project and other name systems, it is just a different technology. We can even help set up handshake and dappy if needed, as we have done an extended study of chromium codebase, and know what needs to be changed.