Brave support for .crypto domains

This is my first feature request so it might be a little sloppy, but I’m trying my best to follow the guidelines and share a feature that I think could be very beneficial to the Brave browser.

.crypto domains are a new domain type based on the ethereum blockchain and are currently sold by unstoppable domains. They are a one time buy and are linked to wallets so you completely own the domain. They also act as wallet addresses for ethereum , bitcoin, and other altcoins. There is no middleman in these addresses and they cannot be taken away from you as long as you own the wallet the domain is tied to. They are a very cool idea for incorporating blockchain into the web and browser space.

Unfortunately, they are only supported by the opera browser on android or an extension for your browser (unstoppable domains extension/browser). This isn’t advertised very well so a lot of people don’t know if certain websites exist or not. I believe that we should incorporate .crypto domain support into the brave browser the same way opera did so we don’t have to have an extension installed, and so new users know about .crypto domains and can visit these sites from the get-go.

Here are examples of a .crypto site (you must download the unstoppable domains extension to access these):





Anyways, I’m not sure if this idea is bad to everyone else, but I like it and believe it really could make a difference in the crypto space. No middle-man taking away domains and easily sending crypto could be a big leap forward in the crypto/web space. Adding this feature and announcing it could make these domains more popular. It might also influence other browsers to add this feature as well.


Any updates on this feature

Nope. And I can see why. You can solve this problem with just an extension and there are almost no sites that are .crypto that serve very much purpose. Maybe when the sites get better they will add support.

We need this protection Brave admins.