When will Brave support Handshake TLD's?

Handshake is now live and users are bidding on Handshake TLD’s using Namebase.

Brendan mentioned your team was looking into this awhile ago, but I haven’t seen any update since then.


For more information on Handshake, check out these resources:

  1. Namebase FAQ
  2. What is the base layer for the decentralized internet? by Paul Veradittakit, partner at Pantera Capital
  3. The Decentralized Web Explained by Anthony Pompliano with guest Tieshun Roquerre, Namebase CEO
  4. Handshake source code

Be great to get an update on this and integration of the Handshake TLDs with the Brave Browser. I have heard that this is now on the roadmap for Brave software, can that be confirmed by anyone?

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This would be a game changer. Imagine Brave being the only browser to feature name.whatevertheheckwewantasatld domains - that would be KILLER for adoption as people tell people to go X website on Brave, and force mainstream usage.

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