Handshake Top-Level Domains Support

Hello Brave team and the Brave Community!

I wanted to consult you all on what the best way for the Handshake community to help Brave adopt Handshake domains would be?

For context: Handshake is a community-run decentralized blockchain built to dismantle ICANN’s monopoly on top-level domains (.com, .net, .org are all ICANN top-level domains) and drastically improve internet security by replacing Certificate Authorities.

I feel there are tons of synergy between Brave and Handshake, with both enhancing internet safety, privacy, and experience. To expand on what I mean by “experience”: Handshake domains are top-level domains anyone can get that are backwards compatible with the existing ~1,500 ICANN ones since these have already been pre-reserved. Furthermore, Handshake top-level domains can be quite literally anything from .yourname/ to even foreign characters and emojis!

If you’re skeptical (understandably) but also intrigued, I link to a ton of resources in this 3-minute intro article to Handshake: https://hns.to/:+1:/.

Thanks in advance for the feedback and potential collaboration, and happy naming!

Fun fact: “:+1:/” is a Handshake domain :wink:

Really wish this would happen. Brave could say they’re the only ones that supports these domains and people would go to them especially via influencers/media/etc