History missing. Top sites don't show. Rewards don't show

By Brave browser doesn’t store any history and doesn’t show frequently visited top sites on new tab page. Brave Rewards card on new tab page shows 0 balance even though I have funds and have been collecting rewards from the rewards button in the address bar. This has been the case for several months.

Whenever I start Brave or update, I get the error “Profile error occurred” with message body
“Something went wrong when opening your profile. Some features may be unusable.”

I’m on the most recent version of the browser (1.30.89) as of today on macOS 10.13.6.

I’ve tried reinstalling before and reinstalling now is NOT an option as I would lose all my BAT rewards.

I’ve seen this help topic here: “Profile Error Occured: Some Features May be Unavailable” but have no idea how to “try to close brave and make sure it does not work on the background then start brave using this flag.” I’ve tried using

open -a /Applications/"Brave Browser".app –user-data-dir=“/User/user/Desktop"

in Terminal without success

Any suggestions or ideas?

Not sure if also related but going to ebay.com consistently hangs and freezes the Browser when clicking on any link. This only happens for this machine and this instance of Brave Browser

Looks almost certainly to be some kind of corruption in the profile.

Can you try creating a new profile and see if the issues occur in that profile?

Also, 1.31.91 is current now, should probably update while you’re at it if you haven’t already.

Thank you for responding!

This issue has been resolved in the most recent version. To answer your question, creating a new profile has the same issues in the prior version.

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