History and Passwords completely blank

I really need help.

Description of the issue: Within the last week all my history and saved passwords have disappeared off this machine (Linux Ubuntu 22.04.2), following this event, no new websites have been added to history (even though I’ve been going places online) and it’s completely empty. Additionally, all saved passwords have disappeared and that is now blank as well, again no new saved passwords appeared. I still get prompted to save, but it doesn’t work. If I click on the small key icon after “saving” my password, it says “no passwords saved for this site” (pictures attached below of these issues). I have tried removing this device from my sync chain: no change. I’ve tried adding it back in the hopes that my history and passwords will be imported back to this device on sync: nothing.
How can this issue be reproduced?
I have no idea. It just happened overnight. One day everything is fine and normal, the next all the data is gone and no more data can be added.

Expected result:
No data.

Brave Version( check About Brave): v1.49.120

Additional Information: If this is not the latest version of Brave, it is the latest I have access to via the Ubuntu software store, as I have checked for updates. Also this is a huge problem for me since I use suggested passwords so I don’t know the passwords to most of my websites.

Screenshot from 2023-04-07 12-01-44

Anyone know anything?

Alright, so. It fixed itself yesterday (April 10th). All issues are now fixed, passwords are back, history is working etc. There’s just a history gap from the 6th to the 10th since it was broken then.

does your facing the update? issue?
reinstall brave ?

Same problem here.
All cookies telling sites i’m already connected must have been erased and when i try to log in again, my passwords have been erased too.
All was fine this morning
How did you solved our problem ? upgrade (i have the last version)? downgrade ? reinstall ?

version 1.50.114 on Windows 64bits

I literally did nothing, it just fixed itself after 4 days.

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