Lost passwords and no solution

Description of the issue: Passwords are lost for no apparent reason. There was no update, system switch, etc. Biggest problem is that I fully uninstalled the application and still can’t save any pws after a clean install.

How can this issue be reproduced? No clue because nothing was done to the system. I rebooted Windows after updating my Linux subsystem. Following that all pws are gone but any other data stored is still there including the usernames, etc.

**Expected result:**Any solution at this point.

Brave Version( check About Brave): v 1.16.72

Additional Information: I tried everything I could find in the forums.( 'Passwords and other sign-in data option selected' /Menu --> Settings --> History --> Clear browsing data --> ` /
bla bla bla, etc…) The biggest problem I have is that all the threads have been closed without any useful info on that topic. Always the same tipps even for people who clerarly have IT knowledge. As an example there was a thread about someone having the ‘Login data’ file but couldn’t import it as it wasn’t visible in the explorer. At this point it would even be helpful to know if you have any gist what the problem could be and if at any point in time is going to get fixed.
Love the browser so far and all the useful features as well as the security but thats a big no for me to continue using it. I’m going to put it aside until it gets solved.

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