All passwords disappear

Passwords erased for no reason do not appear

Same happened to me recently.

I again had to import from Chrome. This time I have exported passwords and bookmarks to a file.

Same way for bookmarks.

I don’t want to enter it manually
She was working yesterday

All my passwords are gone and I can’t find them by your method

No No, the method above is to save existing and passwords and bookmarks to a file for future (in case same thing happens). Once I lost my passwords, I again imported from Chrome and then exported from Brave to a file.

All passwords are stored in Brave Browser
Few of them are in Chrome and the old one has been updated
Here’s the problem
I have not saved or exported before

Please find a solution to the problem, it is very difficult, all passwords are lost

@Mattches please see this.

Hi @TarqSultan1 sorry for the trouble you are having. Do you have Brave Sync enabled on your browser?

Yes, the sync is enabled on my side the address and passwords are not getting synced since the latest update. Please try to solve this as soon as possible as it is creating a lot of problems I hope you understand.

Thanks @shreyasjha, what the OSes of the two clients you are syncing?

Windows 10 and Android 11

Do passwords get deleted when you do it?

Even if all sync data is toggled off, passwords should not disappear from parent device isn’t it? @jsecretan

That’s right @Aman_M, which makes me think is probably something other than sync. The team has a theory here about what might be happening, but we are still trying to reproduce it. If we are unable, would you be open to a screen share?

@jsecretan It happened again. I restarted my laptop and all passwords disappeared (this does not happen after every restart though), fortunately I exported them to a file last time. I can do a screen share if you want. Also there is an open issue for this-

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Password autofill crashed, we had to type it in and then save it again
The problem exists

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