Passwords all disappeared

I have Brave on multiple phones and laptops. On my linux laptop, I updated, and everything is gone.

@tlc22 please read NOTICE: Unexplained Data Loss Issue and reply there with all the information requested under Basic data to gather and, if willing/able, Advanced data to gather.

I checked and it appears that my history and bookmarks are thereā€¦ (although I did lose all my history earlier this year, but did not report). It appears my passwords are the only thing missing. I use the brave password manager. Also, I am using the Ubuntu Linux OS. Oh, I cannot find the About Brave link. And this happened directly after the Ubutu Brave update.

@tlc22 did you have your devices synced with each other? And did it just go away from one device?

I am perpetually logged in to accounts on my phone, where do I look for pwd mgr on Brave for android/ Calyx OS?

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