High memory usage

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When I open the browser it initially consume more than 300 MB memory. later when opening more than one tab then it consume more than 500 MB memory. It slows down my laptop and other ongoing works in laptop.

  1. Everytime I open same thing happening.

How to solve the issue?

Brave Version( check About Brave):

Brave version and task manager screenshot is attached.

Hey, Can you test with Avast completely disabled? Often these Anti-virus applications will try to work as a middle-man and will cause havoc with applications like Web browsers.

Also test in private-mode (while Avast is closed).

Thank you fanboynz for your reply. I tried as per your instruction. But no luck.

I attached screenshots for your reference. (1st screenshot is when I browse in normal mode, 3rd screenshot is when I browse in private mode).

Thanks for your time and forth coming response.

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