Memory Consumption

Hi guys,

Whilst memory consumption is relatively low, I’m still seeing high memory consumption on a fresh launch of Brave.
Some napkin maths shows that a fresh session (no tabs, no extensions) is sitting fairly stable at between 460 and 580MB for me.

I have just captured the Brave Task Manager at a low point:

And my Windows Task Manager a few seconds later:

With the below background processes:

Straight up, I can see one “micro-optimization” of only loading modules such as PDF Viewer when they’re absolutely necessary (does it need to be running at all times? Could do something similar to what FireFox has recently done in only initializing that component when it’s required?)

I’m not 100% sure what all of these background processes are doing, but a couple of them are relatively heavy for a single “New Tab” page… especially on a lower spec’ed machine

I will grab another couple of screenshots as examples, when I don’t also have Community open!

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