Hi just reinstalled Brave app I lost all rewards earned previous


Kindly guide me how to regain the lost rewards after, fresh re install of brave app
I lost all my rewards earned after new fresh brave app
Thank you

If you weren’t verified with Uphold or Gemini, short answer is most likely you can’t. If Unverified then all Rewards were paid and stored in your browser. Therefore if you did a fresh install and didn’t have a backup of your Brave folders, then those Rewards are gone forever.

If you had been Verified with Uphold or Gemini, then they should still be there and everything fine.

Btw, it might help you to read through my FAQ as it covers many things, including Backup & Restore.

Hello Sir
Thank you for your response
How to backup brave browser to avoid future loss
Please guide
Thank you


To avoid loss of BATs, passwords, bookmarks:

  1. Regularly back up the User data folder located at %LocalAppData%\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\
    Note: this folder is the backup of your wallet, profile, settings, bookmarks… but not your passwords.

  2. Regularly save your passwords as *.csv file

  3. Regularly save your bookmarks.

Hello sir thank you for your guidance

One more queries
My uphold account is verified

But brave & uphold is not verified ,may I know what is the way to connect brave with uphold

I’m attaching the screenshot of the content which is shown

Kindly guide me to solve this problem

Thank you sir

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