Fresh install 4 years of rewards gone

Just sharing my experience… I thought i had a wallet backup but it was only the sync key :smiley:

how likely am i to find any files needed not yet overwritten in some registry on a windows machine? really makes me no longer interested in brave rewards… no interest verifying with uphold… shame

cool concept with a really weak execution UX

…turning ads off on all my devices (unless someone can help me find the .db file that likely was overwritten)

that’s more of a tutorial for how to not self-rug on reinstall than anything i’ve seen from brave :slight_smile:
this browser worked perfectly for 4 years and started having problems (i’m using it on many devices, juxtapose) and some pages just refused to load correctly on my oldest iteration (up to date, funny it was just updated) now it’s broke… reinstall did fix my browsing issue at the cost of many several hundred BAT

If you dont have any interest in verifying, then its not a loss at all. If you are not verified you wont get any money out of it anyways.
But you can IF YOU HAVE put some of the of the old files in appdata/roaming to recover it.

you can tip without verifying, losing the ability to tip misses the entire value prop for enabling ads

there should be tut on %appdata% for reinstalling, how i’ve gone 4 years and didn’t hear how people lose their rewards upon reinstall is sad failure in communications and a failure in responsibility on my part for not realizing i should have backed up the files (there should be a ping/tut when you opt into rewards, but that would take away from the Gemini/Uphold handshake?)

Well that data is stored in the path I said. you also see it in the video. Due to privacy all brave browser data including local wallet is saved on the users drives. If you delete those files for whatever the reason may be, it is gone.
Would be cool to just have something to only backup wallet data inside a backup file you can import later on. But it may not be there due to people being able to tinker with it also as you can see in the video there.
That might be the reason there is no direct backup.

all they need is a disclaimer when enabling ads that says this, that would be prompt enough to investigate further before reinstalling while unaware of the implications

there could be a hyperlink to tut “reinstalling? read this first…” but alas…

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I couldn’t agree more.

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