Help with scrolling page and not working on widgets when zoomed in but scrolls page instead

So one issue I have is that when I pinch to zoom in can’t scroll down on sub widgets it instead scrolls the entire page

for example on youtube playlist when I zoom in as shown above when I try to scroll down the playlist it scrolls the entire page how to I change/fix this

help with this issue please

For Someone to help you with this, you need to atleast provide enough information on where you are facing the Problem Like Windows PC or Android Phone.

ah ok thanks so updates this is on windows 11 laptop and it only happens when I zoom in more than 30% I would say. I dont have anything else connected that can interfere with the scrolling no mouse no keyboard, this includes extensions since I tried removing any and all of them to make sure it wasn’t them. My laptop is a Acer Nitro 5 AN515-58 model.

i dont have the same issue as playlists are scrolling fine, Maybe you should try to reduce your zoom levels and then see if that fixes your issue.

if you are speaking about the playlist mixes which is found on the right side of the video while the video is played, you need to bring the playlist box into focus by hovering your mouse pointer and scroll it inside the box, if you are not Scrolling it inside the Youtube Mix playlist box and scroll the mouse from elsewhere position like comments, Recommended videos, video description,…etc , Youtube will scroll the Entire Page instead of scrolling the Playlist mix which you wanted to scroll.

I see it would seem to work fine if I readjust the mouse pointer like if I want to scroll and its already there it won’t work if I zoom in I would have to move the mouse alittle for it to register where its hovering over Thanks

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