Scrolling through website failed

What can be the reason, that a website is frozen,yo that you cannot scroll but with other browsers it is not. Special Site:
Brave version 1.44.105, Windows 10

Well, I just visited the site and was able to scroll through, click, and navigate around the site with no problem. As to what could be causing issues for you, one thing to look at might be your Shield settings and extensions. Sometimes extensions can interfere, so checking those is good. Also if you have too many filters activated in Shield settings, it can cause problems.

So I’d first try to visit in Private Window and see if it does it. If it loads fine and doesn’t freeze, it tells you perhaps it’s an extension. If it is, then you’ll have to go to normal window and turn off extensions, turning on one at a time until you find the one causing problems.

Then for Shields, you obviously can test by turning off and seeing it has issues. If it resolves there, then you need to test and figure out what within Shields is causing problems.

I mean, there are other possible issues, but I’m assuming it’s likely to be one of those.

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Thanks a lot for this detailed reply. Have done so, all extensions deactivated, srolling worked. No further isues with this site after new activation of the extensions.


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