HELP! ... Tip not received

Thanks for this. I showed a new user how to tip 1 BAT the other day using our YT account but it didn’t show up in our creator account. Just checked back and there it is now, thank you Brave!

Bro it’s take 50% charge …please read all of the messages

That would be nice to know. The same happened to me as well. A friend of mine tipped 20 BAT because I told him I integrated Brave to my website, and only received 10 BAT. I assume you are prevented from tipping the same website twice? Dunno

I don’t understand what you say

ya same happened with me too

It seems there is many people with the same issue. Only about 50% of the tips are credited in the creators account.

I would suggest that each of you open a support ticket, so that Brave can look into your issue.

I already created it but Mattches lock the ticket

@Steeven please check this why 50% charges taken

Hello @steeven
Please reply us…
Why creator tips take 50% charges

This is due to an issue that we are resolving right now. I am working with @hasher411 via DMs to diagnose it. I have also reached out to other users in this thread requesting information that will help us solve this issue.

And of course, in case anyone needed to know, this is nonsense.


How much time to take to resolve it…
After resolve please inform us…
Can we get those bat which was deducted??

Check out the hook while my DJ revolves it.

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Hook means what??
I can’t understand

@dsims I truly appreciate the levity and I legit laughed out loud when I read your last reply :slight_smile:

Please stop spamming this/other threads — the issue will get resolved at the same rate, regardless of how many replies you leave. I will make sure I update everyone with information when I have it.

Thank you

I’m happy I could lighten the mood and bring some comic relief to your day. This place needs it sometimes! :slight_smile:


I’m glad to hear that this is a widespread problem and not just something that happened to me.

I often tip bat with a friend to support our small channels and accounts, and I’ve noticed that the donations he receives from me don’t arrive in full or lose a large part along the way. At times I thought it was a problem with my connection or even with my web browser, but I see that it is a general problem.

Hopefully you can give us a solution, there is a lot of bat that went to who knows where lol.


Okay …but please fixed it as soon as possible…
I hope you understand our situation

Still it is not solved…i face the same issues
@steeven please look into these

I recently tipped by my friend and I received the actual amount with 5% charge deduction nothing else.

Can you try earlier??