Help I do not receive my payment is under review

good morning friends I need help my account is still under review and I have my uphold account verified without problems and my YouTube channel is very good with subscribers my donations are from some of my followers and some relatives from their androi phone since they were not much bat only 266. for the few people I have on my channel and donations from relatives. will be that they help me to receive my payment please here my email @Asad @

@josedaniel02 please follow the suspension message and contact publishers support via email. Since it’s contain a personal information.

And please don’t share your email here. It’s a public forum.


thank you friend and comment on the support email but I have no answer.

As @eljuno pointed out, please do not post threads on this matter on Community.

We are working through the reviews systematically. Please wait and we will get back to you.

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