Because I have not received my payment :(

because I have not received my payment :frowning: my account is verified

Which one @MALG? Ads or referral?

references I have not received anything from the payment :frowning: @eljuno

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Why don’t I receive my payment? if everything is fine :frowning:

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It’s still processing @MALG >> Publishers Payout Megathread: August 2020

Please send an email to @jameskhang

But why haven’t they paid me?

my account is not banned or anything like that. My account is 100% functional but the only thing is that they have not paid me … and with the email address they tell me it is only if my account is under review @eljuno

This one @MALG​:point_up::sweat_smile:
Thanks for your patience!

okok thank you very much sorry for the inconvenience :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

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