Help from Brave support

I am new on the Bravre Community , I haven’t spent a lot of time on it yet but I was wondering how issues get worked on and resolved ? I have contacted Brave a few times for the same issue and the issue was never resolved or had been even replied to…I see where most questions do get help. Thanks in advance for any answers. ****:wave:

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I’m having the same problem. Plus my estimated BAT disappeared…

Hi @Severett I’m also new, so I can’t say for certain except that I posted about an issue I’m having to an existing thread related to my problem. I then looked around the Community and became more familiar with the different categories to post under. I opened a new topic with my issue under a more appropriate tag - my issue + Support (if you click on the hyperlink, you can see at the top the categories, for example) - and Support responded in about an hour.

Can you tell me which thread/issue you need assistance with?

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