HDR support for media content on MacOS (and potentially PC)

Not sure if it’s my own setting that’s wrong, but I recently got the 2021 MacBook Pro with a stunning screen that can display amazing HDR content, yet Brave doesn’t seem to support it, can’t find the option available on sites like Netflix or YouTube thus forcing me to switch back to Safari for that experience. I’m sure a lot of people who have the hardware capability would appreciate the feature and not resorting to switching back and forth.

HDR support is at an OS level, assuming your monitor is being fed a HDR stream/content it should display correctly. In the case of WIndows, enabling HDR support in the settings would be enough. Not sure about macOS, maybe there a setting here also?

Like I said, HDR contents works fine on Safari, but I’m not prompted for it on Brave, so this shouldn’t be an OS issue. MacOS doesn’t have a separate HDR setting, it should be automatic with the Display preset selected. Does HDR work fine for Windows? Perhaps I just need to reinstall Brave for this?

Could try in a clean Brave Beta profile, ensure Hardware acceleration is enabled. Which video is HDR on netflix and how do you know its not in HDR (Showing in the video stats?)

It’s very prominent on YouTube, since it gives HDR indication in “Quality” selections, and the difference between HDR and non HDR is quite literally night and day so it’s easy to tell even without stats info. Was trying to find the exact show I was searching for on Netflix but my account is currently suspended due to credit card issues so unfortunately I can’t give pointers.

Sure, which youtube video ?

Any ol’ HDR enabled video really, like this demo “https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=njX2bu-_Vw4

Here is my test in Windows 11; I have a m1 mac book, which I can test

please do, much appreciated.

https://www.reddit.com/r/macbookair/comments/pms5ki/hdr_support_on_m1_macbook_air/ Still checking, but doesn’t sound promising

Oh right, the older M1 models probably don’t have HDR screens to support it anyway, there would be trouble reproducing this issue I assume?

Just tested. Brave release and Beta on my m1 Mac. on the sample youtube video, “HDR” was shown on the clip, though given the screen brightness it doesn’t look much like HDR.

I would retest in a new profile, just in case?

Huh, maybe I just need to reinstall after all, this brave installation was directly migrated over from my old Mac Mini, perhaps that was causing some trouble? Thanks for the help! I’ll check back if it still don’t work, may I see the Screenshot for some reassurance please?

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Update: I went and tried with flipping every setting and extension trying to find the problem, it turns out the extension “DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials” was the culprit of this, I disable it and everything just works fine, guess that’s one mystery solved.