Low Res on streaming sites

Description of the issue:
Using prime or netflix in the max video quality results on very poor quality streaming.
How can this issue be reproduced?
Just stream any netflix or prime content in highest resolution.

Expected result:
In my case the video just lowers the resolution to something very low, like worst than youtube’s 360p.
Brave Version( check About Brave):
Additional Information:
It looks so bad and i’ve tried changing the resolution form the site’s options but the result is the same. I’ve checked and this only happens on Brave.

Just did that and had no issues. Granted, I’m on Windows, but shouldn’t necessarily make a difference.

Let me ask, do you have hardware acceleration on by chance? You find this at SettingsSystemUse hardware acceleration when available. If not, try enabling and see if you notice a difference.

On Windows, we often have the ability to go adjust settings for our graphics cards. Some with NVIDIA had reported how they found that it had Brave listed in areas where it would restrict background usage. This caused issues similar to what you’re explaining. Once they authorized Brave and/or remove the restriction for background usage, everything worked with no issues.

I’m too lazy to look if Mac allows the same thing, but figured I’d mention in case you’re aware and might be able to look and/or test.

Perhaps nothing I said will help, but I wanted to try to drop two thoughts for you really quick.

Hardware acceleration was indeed enabled, disabling just to try made no difference.
I’m not really sure if there is a similar kind of restriction in mac, at least im not aware of how to check on that but thanks for your help!

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