Wallet linking failed Uphold

Hello, so I do understand the logic that 4 is the max number we can connect, but what if we actively use only 1 or 2 and still the wallet doesn’t get linked to Uphold? I did contact uphold and they reverted it brave that need to sort out?. my concern is even if we have used full limit of 4 and then stopped those devices like sold or thrown away which was having the Uphold connected, then the number should be back, in here we both are working together u get rewards and we get % of that, so why actually hold the BAT, when it can be easily shifted to Uphold, or any other supported wallet. sharing what I feel so hope to get some answer on this, it’s been 2 months now I am unable to connect and BAT is waiting for the robin to rescue :slight_smile:


I also have this problem though i have not added any more devices.
and ever since the introduction of profiles i lost this months rewards.
please help us

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