Havent recieved my BAT

I havent recieved my BAT yet

Im using
Version 1.24.84 Chromium: 90.0.4430.93 (Offizieller Build) (arm64)

and macOS Big sur 11.3.1

My browser wallet is currently verified

I verified my wallet on 14/02/2021
Have you been able to successfully receive payments in the past?

Are you using a VPN? (yes/no)

Are you in a supported region (see here for list of supported regions)?

Have you manually turned off Auto-contribute on all of your devices linked to Uphold??

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Same here. I didn’t recieve a payout for April and it says here the payments are completed. Linux Ubuntu LTS, I recieved a payout last month, not using a VPN, I’m in Canada so supported region, and Auto-contribute is turned off.

I have same problem. I don’t know why :frowning:

Same here,been a few months now,i have two desktops on the same account,both read different ballances on the brave symbol drop down,Also my uphold wallet reads different ballance.this pc im on at the moment has been 3 months since my last pay out.i am 14 BAT missing from my uphold wallet.i have inclueded some screen shots.

same problem :confused:

even i have not received!
someone please help.
i have messaged @steeven but no reply till now.

Same here. After several months of successfully receiving BAT in my verified Uphold account, I’ve received nothing the last two months despite having 10-30 BAT in estimated rewards.

macOS 11.2.1
Brave Version 1.24.84 Chromium: 90.0.4430.93 (Official Build) (x86_64)

Same for me, multiple machines and the history for the main browsers show for April
Earnings from Ads 49.250BAT 64.49 USD
Earnings from Ads 29.750BAT 39.74USD
But that is not what is sent to the verified wallet @ Uphold. I got 2x a little bit and it looks like that it is payment for May or perhaps the mobile but that is not a verified wallet.

same here, even i have not received my BAT for may, I have a verified uphold account, which i verified on may 7, 2021. I’m also using the latest version of brave, please help


Since you verified on may 7, you will receive your payout on June 6.
You missed the previous window

oh, alright, thank you, I started to worry. Is this confirmed? I’ll hopefully receive all the amount in june?

didn’t received any bat for last 5 month? help me?

Thank you for reporting! Please DM with the following information:

  • Copy/paste your Wallet ID (found on brave://rewards-internals)
  • Your OS and Brave version (first three lines in brave://version)
  • A screenshot of your Rewards panel in Settings --> Brave Rewards.

This will help to speed up the troubleshooting. Thank you in advance!