Haven’t received rewards for at least 3 months

I haven’t received Brave rewards for at least 3 months in my Gemini verified account. This month the 1 token that was pending never showed a claim button and now disappeared. I barely get ads anymore. Brave browser started out so good but now seems to be nothing but problems. I’m just going back to Firefox. Maybe it doesn’t earn anything but they aren’t making promises they don’t keep either.

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Can you please submit the information surrounding your issue to our Rewards Support form? From there we can provide further assistance and investigate your case.

Thank you

I provided information like 2 months ago for you to fix the problem. After I provided the information I didn’t even get a response back. For some reason I guess my account was restricted or something because all of a sudden I received a email saying it was unrestricted now, but was never told why it was restricted in the first place. The browser rarely serves ads anymore anymore and doesn’t even payout on the ones it does. This board is filled with complaints of people having the same issue. I’m just done with it. Maybe I’ll come back when you’ve improved your product.

You never will. It’s a policy, no explaining why anyone got flagged.

Seeing how this is a support forum where people are here to post about issues they are having, you’d be absolutely correct. The majority of the posts here will be of people experiencing an issue of some sort. You’ll notice it’s not social media or anything where people sit around and chat all day, share GIFs, or whatever else.

Well, if you get flagged, then you wouldn’t get ads or earn BAT. That said, ad campaigns fluctuate and you’re never guaranteed anything. You may want to check out Understanding Brave Ads Catalog Viewer

Your device settings also have a significant impact. Such as if you’re using an IP address to appear elsewhere, you won’t get BAT and can get flagged. The same is true if you try to use a proxy server or something to mask your IP address. If you’re watching a lot of videos in Full Screen and/or you play a lot of games, ads will be paused so it doesn’t interfere. The list essentially goes on.

I wasn’t this restricted this past month and only earned 1.5 BAT which never showed a claim button then just disappeared. Your answers to my statements were rude and and I definitely won’t be using your browser now or recommending it to anyone. I will posting your response also everyone I know that would think about using Brave can know how they can be expected to be addressed when interacting with support. But at least there was a response this time.

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