I have not got the brave rewards yet

previous month also i have not received the brave reward. and this month also i have not received it. kindly pls see and help.(its windows 11)(also i dont have wallet of gemini or uphold)

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I didn’t get the rewards , Still it shows rewards are on the way.
Please consider this message

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Previous month also showed same thing but not received. Therefore

hey, i believe you did not connect your rewards with uphold wallet or verify the browsers to the wallet

You need to create a Uphold account and link it to your brave wallet

otherwise it will not store in brave wallet?

“otherwise it will not store in brave wallet?”
I think

I have also same problem


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Unverified wallets are not being paid yet.


at least you used to get but i didnt got any since 2 months. and i suppose you will get at later stage

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It’ll come, don’t worry unless payment status changes from green to red with no change.

I have an unverified wallet but got my rewards an hour ago.

Hey , I got the bat thanks everyone :grinning:

In your notice you say: This flagging can sometimes be caused by sporadic Brave Ads activity, but it can also be inaccurate flagging. I am asking you ; Why am I flagged for days and deprived of rewards because of a mistake in your system? Do you think this is fair? Thanks.

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