Does Brave Rewards still working now?

May we know from others if the Brave Rewards is still working for now? Did you see that your earning increased? I’m just a new, and needs to assure so I will not waste my time sending referral links.

Pls. help.

Yes. It’s working well. Is there any issue you’ve encounter?

Hi, Eljuno

I just check my Uphold and my Brave Creators site, It is all zero. I think It is a month now but I’m afraid my Brave wallet is not connected to my Uphold. Don’t know how can I check. I saw my ad viewing has increased my Bat slowly. What I can see now is the stats of June 2020.

You will receive your payment on next payout that is on the 6th of june. So then you can be sure wheather your account is connected or not with uphold.

Ok. I just connected my Brave wallet to Uphold. And Today, it shows Claim my Rewards from Ads, this confirmed that my earned BAT goes to my Uphold acct. Hope this gonna be good in the coming days.


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