Green flashes while playing videos

Description of the issue: Green flashes appear while watching a video (mainly YouTube).

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Updating graphics driver
  2. cleaning cookies & cache

Actual Result: I tried to upload an attachment but it says i can’t.
Anyway nothing happened I still get the flashes (it’s like to view the video through night-vision for a few seconds)

Expected result: Well I expect to view videos normally.

Brave Version: Version 0.56.12 Chromium: 70.0.3538.77 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Additional Information: Doesn’t happen on chrome.

anyone help please, I can’t watch videos :frowning:

Hi @Oranm,

Did you have Hardware acceleration enabled in Brave Settings?


I think may be these two issues are there.:

problem 1:
1> first, update gpu + adobe flash.
2> go to chrome://flags - DISABLE smooth scrolling, relaunch browser, go back to flags, now ENABLE smooth scrolling and relaunch browser.
3> go to your Nvidia CP > manage 3d settings > global settings tab > turn Vertical sync OFF > set Texture filtering Quality to HIGH PERFORMANCE > set Power Management Mode to Prefer max. performance > APPLY!
4> (not 100% sure if this helped towards the actual problem, but it certainly smoothed out a lot for me) in Nvidia CP, i changed the physx settings to my gpu. i then went to CP > My computer > properties > advanced system settings > advanced-tab > settings under “performance” > selected Adjust for best appearance, which changed all the themes etc.

and BAM! suddenly, my pc is like 10X faster when it comes to everything! gaming, youtubing, browsing etc. so now all is fluently nice! the flash is now working on ALL browsers 10X better than before + there is NO lag or tearing! :eek:

problem 2:
simple solution; NVIDIA control panel - Adjust desktop color settings - Content type reported to the display -> Desktop programs.


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