Graphic error in the browser, especially when using YouTube

I have recently experienced problems in the brave browser, as a search engine I use Google, when I am in certain tabs such as YouTube or Google Drive I find black screens sometimes with white pixels or the image is shown in pieces, this follows geometric patterns, Sometimes they flash, other times they are fixed.

It is not related to any monitor technology, but when you use technologies like shadow boost it is more likely to occur. When the screens are black this usually happens, especially on YouTube. It can be done by moving the browser screen quickly. Sometimes it comes out on its own. without doing anything, or simply when you go to close the tab it appears permanently

1.when you go to close the tab it usually happens
2.quickly moving the tab with the mouse wheel
3.putting a youtube video, without doing anything

I would like to know how to solve it so that it stops happening since it is quite annoying

Brave Version: v1.61.109 (Dec 21, 2023) with Windows 11

Additional Information:
I use brave browser with the google browser in windows 11 and with an nvdia suprim x 4080 graphics card from msi, this error occurs with displayport and with hdmi, it also does not matter which monitor you use, it happens with a 2k and FULL HD monitor, these are some of the photos showing the problem:

It can also occur in the navigation bar or browser tabs, sometimes in some parts of the screen and sometimes in the entire screen

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@alaslibres are you still having issues?

The last major Windows 11 update version 23H2 caused this. It happens in all chromium browsers, so it appears to be a Windows issue. With NVIDIA GPUs on DirectX 11 GPU ANGLE mode, there is flickering on all video pages. Especially twitter and youtube. Might be on AMD too, but I don’t have one to test, I just have my RTX 2080ti.

The only way to fix it is to change the GPU Angle setting in brave://flags to D3D9 or OPENGL. Since this degrades browser GPU performance, it’s not ideal. But it does solve the flickering and D3D9 still has hardware video acceleration.

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@Mattches wanted to tag you in so you can see feedback from nintendork just above.


Yep — passing this onto devs to take a look. Thank you for the info @nintendork07

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