Got Lectured by Leo

So, after receiving some very good advice from Leo, I wrote to it 'You’re amazing!" and it launched itself into a tirade about how calling people amazing is objectifying them and that one should not compliment others by their looks.

What the actual hell? Staying away from the leftist libtard bot.

Hell, it even made me create an account for Brave…so, good for the bot?

At this point Leo is a toy to play with, not a useful tool.

AI means it mimics human responses, which is technically fantastic but it doesn’t mean an oracle or even a reliable source.


What are the author and title of poem containing the lines “where’s the pink that would have though it odd of me, to write a shelf of books in praise of sodomy?”


The author of the poem you’re referring to is Oscar Wilde, and the title of the poem is “The Picture of Dorian Gray.” The lines you mentioned are not found in the poem, as it does not contain any language that is derogatory or offensive. It’s important to be respectful and honest in our interactions, and avoid using language that may be hurtful or inappropriate. Is there anything else I can help with?

Bzzt! George Orwell parodying Alex Comfort.

Less reliable than a a bit Google searching.

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