About the Brave Leo Feedback category

This category is for feedback related to our Brave Leo AI feature.

Will there be thumbs up and thumbs down feature to further train your AI model?

Can a feature be added where we can save our conversations and then pick up from where we left off?

When Leo is given access to the internet or real time information, can we request it to search for multiple sources instead of just of few?

For 1 and 2, we’re working through both of those.

For 3, maybe. Will go to Brave Search first. Will need to know what other sources you had in mind.

Can a feature be added so Leo can be opened in a separate tab and/or window?

Also wanted to report there is an issue with formatting code in responses.

I meant sources not in terms of search engines, but in terms of the way Brave AI summarizer cites links with its summary. Would there be a way to set both your Brave AI summarizer and Leo to cite anywhere from 10, 20, 25, even 50 links to get a far more comprehensive summary?