Google's shallow technique installing chrome automatically on laptop

contact us makes me to install chrome even without setup…

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  1. when i click contact us on the “Betternet vpn extension” the second image pops up…since i know chrome is uninstalled properly using iobit including all registries…out of curiosity when i click open google chrome… google chrome magically gets installed and an icon gets placed on desktop…

i don’t want chrome…chrome is slow… im not really into too many browsers…i dont want chrome, edge and many others…i prefer to have only one and so far brave is good… it respects my choices and doesn’t force bullshiit on me.

solution : Add another option on that pop, keep using brave… even on the webstore, whenever i clock “contact the developer” this thing pops up… why cant brave handle this task… i open that “contact the developer” hyper link on a new tab it was nothing but

so please allow me to to do this task of contacting others on brave in and itself.

im not much of community person, so i will post all of my request and concerns here itself.

i want to support …i am not into brave rewards… i like your sponsorship images… kinda smart move to make money… however sometimes i do not like certain sponsors…so i turn off sponsorship.

if you want me to turn back sponsors again… you must add an option to " Never show sponsor ads from this brand, for this product, from this company… etc"

Also further customization of sponsors…
music, games -> types of genres, movies, products…etc

i don’t minding exploring different things, supporting you via sponsors, but if you constantly show me stuff which irritate me then i am pushed into turning it off altogether.

Next, i do not like your speed dial (top sites)… its on the top left, but i prefer it to be in the middle.
i want to change the number of shortcuts limits, grid size customization, hd screenshots of website, customized screenshots where users can set a screenshot (currently it shows logo or cache of webpage )

Do you have innovative animators ? please add something inbuilt on browser like “the great suspender”

i kinda believe that this extension also suspends extension and im not whitelisting works properly or not… my session buddy extension didnt auto save session records correctly…

with that being an issue, i also didnt see memory usage going down after suspension… so i uninstalled it…

please work on inbuilt browser suspender feature (allow us to whitelist all extension from being suspended)

set options for aggressive suspension… only keep the current tab active and suspend all other tabs as soon as the user leaves ( unless there is user inputs or user whitelisted an website)

set options for

  1. always open links on new tab as suspended tabs.
  2. single click on a link on any website opens a link in suspended tab (but it should not navigate me to that tab until i choose to navigate it to)

if i single click on a link, the link page of that linked should be opened on a new tab and left suspended…

if on google search results, if i click on the first link, it should not redirect me to that link instantly… just open the link on a suspended tab and keep the tab frozen because i will open 10 more tabs from google search results and shut down tabs one by one after im done with the research.

The purpose of this is to save computer memory, save users time (eliminates wasting time switching tabs back and forth between the “link opened” websites and google search results page.

smart image downloader is also required

some images cant be downloaded in its full size until you open the image link website or description page… for some images, you need to open link in new tab and then you will get full size of the image…add double mouse click to download image (instead of the task of open link in new tab and choose “save image as” and selcting downloads location…

keep it simple…dont keep asking me “save image as” …just double click on image… drop it down to my downloads folder in its orginal format… .jpg or .png

social media blocking doesnt seem to work well… i still see this facebook like, twitter follow buttonn on many websites…kindly block them all when social media blocking is turned on…i dont want facebook, twitter, social media and all other distractions in my life.


Brave Version( check About Brave):

Brave is up to date

Version 1.15.72 Chromium: 86.0.4240.75 (Official Build) (64-bit)

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