Switching back to google chrome

I have been using brave since a lot time so i have many bookmarks and extensions .
I really like brave but you cannot change the backgroud with n extension it does not look that good .
So i want to take all saved pass bookmarks and extensions to chrome .

work in progress.Brave is a good browser.


Ok Then I will hang on to brave for 3 months if not under that i cannot hold on anymore …

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Bro…personally what are your thoughts on chrome…google track us anyway …and seeing relevant ads is better than seeing irrelevant ads…(i disabled personalised ads in activity settings of chrome and was seeing ladies wear and cars ads)…not relevant to me.In this case i intentionally disabled ad blocker to see the effect of google tracking.We block trackers and ads using extensions anyways…what do you think?..arent we overreacting over privacy nowadays on online platform watching youtube videos about security while using android developed by google…?Google may not be private but its secure…
Share your thoughts…

It’s the same for Chrome and Brave when you’re not into crypto at all and all you see in Brave are crypto ads,

how do you block ads in chrome android? I use adguard app…anything better you might be using?