Google, YouTube blocks user accounts if ad blocking?

I have read an article and I want to ask, does using brave browser lead to Google account being locked?

In the new term, YouTube will unilaterally terminate a user’s account if they use ad blockers, such as AdBlock.

"We may block your Google account. This account will not be able to access YouTube or any services from the Google ecosystem if we do not trust, or provide services to you. commercially useful, "says Google’s new term.

Using AdBlock can cause YouTube to lose advertising revenue. Photo: Lifewire.
Using AdBlock can cause YouTube to lose advertising revenue. Photo: Lifewire.

According to Gizchina, this means, if a user watches YouTube, and uses ad blockers such as AdBlock, AdGuard AdBlocker … there is a high risk that they will be locked out of their account if detected. Not only can no longer view YouTube, they may also be terminated a series of services such as Gmail, Adsense, Adwords … related to that account.

Gizchina recommends that users in the habit of blocking ads with Chrome apps or extensions should deactivate all of them to avoid the risk of being permanently blocked by YouTube. In addition, it is advisable to use sub-accounts if accidentally used, because this helps to limit damage later if banned.

Also in the terms, YouTube said it would allow the deletion of videos on its platform without any legal constraints. “We have no obligation or responsibility to keep any videos we don’t want. YouTube is an open platform, but that doesn’t mean companies are required to update videos and host them,” the terms say. .

The new terms will be officially applied by YouTube from December 10 to.

(from Gizchina)

It is just a bit of Marketing, Any type of Company cannot apply this regulation, since each user is free to decide what they can see and what they do not want to see on the internet, if I also want to eliminate additional plugins from YouTube and only leave the Video and Comments every time I open a video I can freely do it, there is no company that prohibits me, and at the time of a legal claim I would win since I would not be editing said video within the servers, but in external mode, but the terms and conditions It covers them many times and in multiple clauses they appeal that they can suspend any type of account without the user’s authority, that is, Bye Bye Account.

No, they can’t ban for AD Block

As an editor on YouTube, DO NOT SEE YOUR ADS benefits you since you measure a better margin in the statistics and it does not count your visits a thousand times, as in Google Adsense, publishers always use ADBlock so as not to count as a Statistics margin, that’s fine. Google knows and has accepted it forever and ever. Amen.

It’s like the Invalid Click by the Content Creator himself.

I am not editor . just a normal user watching videos

I have always used some kind of ad blockers and I have never been blocked from using YouTube or any of Google’s services but process at your own risk!

If you only watch videos, don’t worry.

Everything is Marketing with the support that thousands of other users IF they will remove their ads, you are safe hehehe.

Example 100 scared users will remove their ads, you are reading here and you will not remove it because you already supported your doubts.

Google Recovers money with the other 100 users when making the statement, and you would not be taking anything away, you would simply be giving them information about your use on the platform.

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