Google translate on right click

A couple weeks ago a little blue “G” appeared when I would right click on anything. The “G” looked familiar and then I realized it was the Google G (I never use Google!!) and this was a “google translate” option when I right click. I hate it!! How can I get rid of it?? This is supposed to be only an option on Google Chrome BUT I DON’T HAVE GOOGLE CHROME…I have Brave :frowning:
thank you for helping me get rid of this annoying little blue “g”

Can you check in brave://extensions if you have “Google Translate” installed?
Brave offers to install it when accessing sites in a foreign language as a convenience, perhaps you clicked that thing once?
It can be uninstalled from that same extensions page.
What is “foreign language” is determined by your preferences in brave://settings, search for language.

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