Is GOOGLE paying money to BRAVE for installing the Google Translator extension?

When I install the GOOGLE TRANSLATOR extension I get the ability to press the right mouse button and select “Translate Option”. This option DOES NOT EXIST if I do not install Google Translator.

If I uninstall the GOOGLE TRANSLATOR option, I should not have the option to translate. OPSSS!!! The translate option is still active.

I have uninstalled BRAVE and reinstalled. I have restored BRAVE. I have deleted all data (cookies…). It has been useless. The option to translate is still there.

Even if we create new profiles, the option appears. And in the new profile I have not installed “google translator”.

In short: Once the “google translator” extension is installed, it is installed FOREVER in all profiles and GOOGLE continues to keep our data. BRAVE… Can you clarify this for me? Does Google pay you to do that? I have uninstalled the “Google Translator” extension, the extension no longer appears in my list of installed extensions but… it is still there.

Can you explain that?

This is not correct. If you uninstall/remove the extension from the browser (Menu --> Extensions --> [Google translate] --> Remove), it will be fully uninstalled just like any other extension. The only reason we offered (not that this option was never forced) to install the extension is because so many users wanted the translation feature but we did not have anything built-in at the time. So we gave users the option to install the extension in the interim.

That all being said, this is no longer relevant as Brave now does have built-in translation services:

Lastly, to answer your question directly (in case it is not clear) — No, Google does not pay us for this or for anything at all.

Thank you!

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