Google Search Don't work

I did this

Same situation

Well, it’s not something very necessary

It is only to report this issue


Thank you — I will let the team know about this issue and take a look if necessary.

Can you try disabling Vulkan, brave://flags/#enable-vulkan then restarting the browser @cmam @Herrvader @ccraighead

it does’nt work

I have the same issue. I had to change Google as the search engine to another to make it work.
Which means it’s something between google and brave nightly app

Does Brave Beta work? or in Brave release (if you Clear browsing data, then exit Brave/restart)

No issues on my end. Was just posting that mine was working with the device and android version I was using. In case it was helpful I suppose…

The issue only happens in Nightly for Android.

Release and Beta versions (Android) work fine.
And Nightly/Beta/Release/Dev for windows windows 11 work fine too.

Yes. I already tried to clear browser data and restart the phone.

Same situation

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I can confirm this. I made a post about this in the noon. Having the same issue. Google search just crashes. .50 didnt had this problem. .62 does.

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Which phone and android version are you using? @cmam

Also having the same issue with Brave Nightly. Have tried reinstalling the app, clearing cache, cookies, etc.

Version 1.41.62, Chromium 103.0.5060.42
Samsung Galaxy S21+

Started yesterday.


Samsung Galaxy A70

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I already tried all these steps.

I think it’s a problem only with the Nightly version for Android.


This is absolutely an issue caused by the Brave Nightly update yesterday (June 14)

Solved on last version 1.41.64 Chromium: 103.0.5060.42 (Build oficial) canary (32 bits)

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Can’t repro it on nightly as well

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The fix for this for Brave Nightly;

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