How do I get my news website aggregated and featured on Brave News?

I represent a popular news website, a website which I feel is essential reading for a lot of people.

What is the process of being listed as a news source under the Brave News feature? Thank you.


I’m just a simple new Brave user, but your question has similarities to the one I’m asking myself. However, I can partially answer your question.

In the Brave news personalization, “Brave news” section, there is a field to add links to RSS feeds. If your site has these links, each user can add them individually to “Brave News”.

Hope this helps, even if it’s not exactly the answer to your question.


This is a interesting question.

For what i understand, Brave uses some data from bing to provide some of they results, and this may include the News. But i also see that many news sources in the Brave Search are different from the ones in Bing News.

Maybe is a local thing or a selection of sources controlled by brave?
Anyway, should be a answer to the company provide, since the news is also a important part of the Brave Search, and:
1- if the “source list” is controlled by Brave, i think that is a little off-point of all the point of Brave Search.
2- If is from other sources, what are they exactly?

Brave News can be modified by any User. If you go to Customize on the New Tab page, you’ll see a Brave News section. On that you can enter URL and it will add it to Brave News. If you want your site on it, you need to have an RSS feed URL that people can put in and have it added.

Brave has MANY places there by default, but not always active. For example, if I hit All Sources on the menu above, I’ll see it start to list sources in alphabetical order.

These are all things that exist within Brave by itself. A person toggles them on or off. But like I said, if there’s one not on the list, they can be added manually by putting in RSS feed link.

If anyone is asking to have it as a default setting, I don’t think it will. Brave isn’t quite letting people pay or do anything to have their content featured above others.

We are talking about Brave Search, not the News that are in the “new tab” of Brave