Google Images Issue (Please Help!)

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Description of the issue:

I apologize in advance if my description of the issue I’m having is a little confusing.
Yesterday google images was working just fine for me, but today when I look anything up-- I’m only able to click and “view” maybe the first 3 or so results. However, when I scroll and try to click on something else, nothing happens. This is my issue.

The links to the images work and they do load, but I can’t click, preview and then save them like I used to.

I thank you in advance for your help. Please let me know if you need more details and such, have a great day!

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I have also tried re starting my phone. Did not solve the issue. My other browsers are able to look up images just fine though

I have the same issue since the update on 27.04.2022

I have found a workaround! If you disable the “Auto-redirect AMP pages” settings it works normally again


Omg thank you! It worked

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Thanks!!! That solved

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