*google drive* css/jquery formatting artifacts

a quick bug report. havn’t spent much time on this yet, so not a lot to give back to you guys. srry ;-;

windows 10 1809
brave 0.66.100 release stable
no themes/extensions
haven’t tried any other builds yet, will update soon

i’ve noticed sporadic and random formatting issues here and there in brave, especially in google drive, i’m guessing due to the large quantity of reactive and scripted css/javascript/jquery type elements.

however i’ve consistantly been able to observe text simply losing all formatting and just smushing together in google draw textboxes that have been resized. if there is any more than one line of text in a box, it becomes unreadable. not too experienced in the art of desktop UI, especially on windows, so i really have no help to offer. again sorry.

  • mage

Thanks . for reaching out. Can you try disabling Hardware Acceleration in settings to see if this resolves the display issues you’re encountering?

Settings --> Additional Settings --> System --> Hardware Acceleration

i must be tired, as we again see the drawbacks of multi-day dev-ops sessions

yes, i’ve already done that, as well as played with script/cookie blocking settings

still haven’t gotten around to testing on any of my linux boxes yet, as i’m still unfortunately based on windows (video games and notepad++… my guilt is immense…) i’ll get there eventually, but gnome 3 is really picky now, and gnome 2 is a slow bugger, soooo…

anyway, thanks for the fast response. web browsers/UI is out of my field, so i’m afraid there’s not much here for me to do.

//quick update
a hop into an ubuntu gnome 3 + wayland vm with the same brave release as before exhibits the exact same behavior. maybe move this into the general bugs section?

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Would you mind sharing a screenshot of how this text appears on your end?


  • mage

Interesting – can I have the link to whatever site(s) where this occurs?

google drive > new document > more > google draw/paint
it’s sorta like ms paint/publisher
very very scripted

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on a completely unrelated, but more inspiring note, i feel obliged to remark upon how far brave has come as a whole. you guys even felt motivated enough to eradicate all of chromium’s default formatting, even if the profiles system still looks a bit chrome-y and weird.

been here since desktop stable 0.52.***, never needed a reinstall
good job, everyone. keep this up and i might feel safe letting my grandma on the internet without my installation of a homebrew firewall box at her house.

p.s. why does this forum feel so much like a discord server?(i mean that in the best way possible)

many thanks

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@mageOtaku also, what is your shield setting for GDrive? Maybe it’s caused by “Device recognition” that been blocked.

tried that as well

as far as can tell, reconfigure/disable shields makes no change to this issue

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While I’m not sure exactly what you had in your drawing there, I was able to use the app without issue – tried to replicate a bit of what you had:

Is there a specfic tool or action you used that triggered the text to look like this? If I were to try and reproduce the same issue on my end, what would I need to have drawn/rendered on screen?

I’m now extremely perplexed, and additionally feeling guilty for possibly wasting everyone’s time

For some reason I am now unable to reproduce the issue, however it still persists in the document I screenshotted.

very very funny stuff going on with google here. I did manage to break text wrap / auto line breaks by leaving shields and all that enabled, but that is about it


  • mage

No worries at all. I’ll leave this thread open for now in case it happens again – please let me know if this is the case or if I can assist in any other way.

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