Issue 7641 - First Time (Hopeful) Contributor

I’m interested in contributing to the Brave project, but I need a bit of hand-holding. Rather than muck up the github discussion for this particular issue, I decided that I’d see if someone on the forum was willing to help. I’ve found issue 7641 to be particularly irritating and have started poking around at it.

Hopefully a more experienced developer can give me some pointers as to what to look at but thus far my thinking has been that weird CSS is being applied when the Brave window is in the isMaximized state. I’ve been monitoring different CSS classes that are applied as a window changes in and out of the isMaximized state and I just haven’t found anything interesting at all. Am I wrong in thinking that this is likely a CSS issue? I expected to find some strange margins or paddings.

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Hi @ptk,

First off, thanks for participating and contributing. :grinning:

For this particular case, it’s likely best to post what you’re finding to the GitHub issue, including your info from the about:brave page. It’s good for the issue to get direct feedback to help the team that is investigating the issue to track impact and note what systems and versions of the browser the issue was experienced from.

You’re a step ahead in this case ;-). I know the team will appreciate the feedback you have presented here.

Would you mind adding your feedback to the GH issue?