Small 'lines' and odd text on various window apps

@Andyaccrue for your future post/s, please provide the requisite info. It’ll be really helpful for support and troubleshooting.

Try disable “Hardware acceleration” under brave://settings.


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Hi eljuno - Thanks for the feedback - I’ve done that, now settings say i have to ‘relaunch’ - will this process effect any/all my current tab history etc…i’m very busy with research and can’t afford to lose all the open tabs i have running right now… is ‘relaunch’ a complete installation or just like a simple ‘restart’ where my tabs will be safe/saved…?

Sorry i’m not expert in this things…

i do like Brave so far but still getting used to it… i’ve had Chrome over 10 years…


It’s a restart.

You can set “On startup” to Continue where you left off under Brave’s Settings.

Or you can wait until you finish your works. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Hi Eljuno,

OK that’s fine great tks… i’ll let you know if that works when i get a gap - my research takes months so can’t be waiting that long…

Oh on another matter - can you suggest a Tab Management/File software if not an option in Brave - that in Brave would be a real no brainer…!! - i have so many Tabs open its very hard to keep track of them all…


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