Google Docs document not showing updates or that doc is open in two different windows

Google Docs documents constantly update as you add or edit them. If you have a document open twice there’s also a visual indication of that (a marker).

I’ve just experienced a situation where neither occurred.

That is, I had the same document open in two different windows. When I became aware of that & went to close one I noticed that it had not updated with the latest text I’d typed in the other and that the marker that shows that the document was also open at another location wasn’t displayed.

I don’t know whether this is a GDocs issue (never happened before) or a BRAVE issue.

But I do know that if I report it to Google I’ll just be told that BRAVE isn’t a supported browser.

Hi @mk7z,

Sorry for your trouble here.

I’d love to help troubleshoot this. What OS and Brave version are you using?


Testing on my end, seems to work without issue:

What does your Shields panel look like when this happens?

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Versions are:

– BRAVE Dev . . . v. 0.62.16 Chromium: 73.0.3683.39 (Official Build) dev (64-bit)
– MAC OS MOJAVE . . . v. 10.14.3.

Just to clarify, at this point it’s only happened once. Never seen it happen at all before, tho.

I did toggle back & forth a few times (between both copies of the doc) to make sure it wasn’t an optical illusion.

Thanks @mk7z for the reply.

That’s helpful feedback. Testing on my end and haven’t reproduced as of yet. I’ll be in GDocs the rest of today and will definitely be keeping an eye out!

Please let us know if there’s anything else we can be of help with!

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It’s only happened once so far. It was unusual. But as you know I’m a magnet for The Unusual.

Shields would have been the defaults.

I don’t know that it’s going to repeat, but I never saw a copy of a GDocs document not update before, though there were occasional times that the ‘marker’ (the one that signals that another copy of a doc is open) didn’t appear.

Kind of wondering whether it’s another glitch that may be in the same category as ‘paste’ temporarily not working.

I think that Device Recognition may be the culprit for an issue like this – browser blocks Google from reading necessary data on screen. Let me know if the issue appears again – try to capture it if possible.

Thanks. If Device Recognition was responsible wouldn’t this be a chronic problem? I’m not sure that it isn’t b/c I don’t often open the same document in two different locations at the same time. I guess I’ll make a point of watching whether it occurs next time I do.

If I recall correctly, I closed the document that hadn’t updated and then re-opened it. Once re-opened the missing text was no longer ‘missing.’

Re capturing any future occurrence of same, if what I captured included private data, etc., do any of the video capture apps have a blur option that can be applied to the screen image?

For that matter, can blurring be applied to text or images on static screenshots?

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